Containers and Modular buildings

Live in it, work in it, enjoy it!

Containers are painted in powder coating, so surfaces are highly protected from corrosion.

We offer you an endless possibilities in choosing different sizes, shapes, equipments of your working or maybe temporary living place.

All our products are made in modern- innovated factory by qualified personal. We are full of ideas and we are waiting for your query.

We are looking forward to meet and beat the challenges!

Usable as single cabin or as part of a modular building easily interchangeable wall panels excellent insulation.

Our Transpack containers.

Office cabins can also be supplied as flat packed. Transpack cabins cost saving transport quick assembly with standard tools.

Technical characteristics of standard 20' container

Dimensions: external — 6055x2435x2800 mm; internal — 5850x2240x2470 mm.

                        external — 6055x2435x2591mm; internal — 5850x2240x2340 mm.

Roof construction:

frame — 4 mm thickness of weld steel profiles;

rafters — 50 mm thickness, 100mm wide wood beams ;

roofing — 0,5 mm thickness of profiled zink (ZN275) steel tin;

steam insulation — 200 μm thickness of polythene film;

thermal insulation — 100 mm mineral wool (λD = 0,037 W/mK)

load resistance >1,5 kN/m2;

ceiling decoration — white laminated panel of wooden particles.

Wall construction:

wooden frame — thickness 55 mm , humidity less then 20%

external cover — thickness 0,5 mm of zink (Z275) profiled tin covered with polyester (25 µ);

thermal insulation — 55 mm thickness mineral wool (λD = 0,037 W/mK);

insider decoration — laminated panel of wooden particles, color white.

Floor construction:

frame — 4 mm thickness of weld steel profiles;

transom retaining profiles — 2mm thickness of zink steel profiles;

floor — resistant for humidity MDP panel PVC covering (thickness 2,4 mm, thickness of useful layer 0,6 mm);

mineral wool — 100 mm (λD = 0,037 W/mK);

load resistance >2,5 kN/m2;

floor bottom — 0,5 mm profiled zink (ZN275) sheets of steel.


frame — 5 chambers with glass unit;

built-in protective louvre;

dimensions — 1200 x 910.


zink steely tin painted by RAL palette (generally as frame color), insider filder — rockwool or foamy polystyrene.

Electrical installation: 2 stationary euro electricity's rosettes 400 V, 32 A, IP44;

illumination — 2 Daylight Fluorescent Lamp 58 W, IP44;

rosettes with earthing IP44;

heater with thermostat can be installed by request — 230 V, 2000 W, IP24.